Sara Kendall

Research Affiliate

Dr. Sara Kendall is a Senior Lecturer in International Law at University of Kent Law School. She studies the discursive forms and material practices of international law and global governance.

Prior to her appointment at Kent, she worked as a researcher in the Department of Public International Law at Leiden University, where she studied the effects of International Criminal Court interventions in Kenya and Uganda. She also taught postgraduate courses in international relations at the University of Amsterdam’s department of Political Science.

She earned her interdisciplinary doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley, where she specialized in international law and human rights, jurisprudence and social thought, and political theory. Her doctoral work considered issues of jurisdiction at the Special Court for Sierra Leone, which was based upon a year of trial observation through Berkeley’s War Crimes Studies Center court monitoring project in Freetown. In a past life she worked for an attorney specializing in police misconduct and prison litigation in Oakland, California.

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