Misinformation and Synthetic Media

The Promise Institute for Human Rights and Institute for Technology, Law and Policy at UCLA School of Law presented a series on Global Digital Rights Challenges.

We are witnessing a “firehose of falsehood” on the internet and in the media: mis and disinformation that attempts to overwhelm the truth. As deepfake and synthetic media technologies become more sophisticated and their use more prolific, it is becoming more and more vital to develop tools and systems to identify when media has been manipulated – often through fake or deceptive audio and video – to increase trust in our information ecosystem.

Sam Gregory, Program Director at WITNESS, outlined the work he is doing at WITNESS, in consultation with actors in the Global South who have lived experience of the impact of mis and disinformation, aimed at preparing for and pre-empting future deepfake crises by developing detection skills and ensuring equitable global access to media forensic tools to enable us to defend the truth.

Speaker: Sam Gregory, WITNESS
Moderator: Aya Dadari, Nick Levsen and Ani Setian, Promise Institute for Human Rights Summer Fellows