Race, Tech & Borders

Promise Institute for Human Rights’ Race and Human Rights Reimagined Series

This panel built on the thematic report from UN Special Rapporteur on Racism, E. Tendayi Achiume, on Racial discrimination and emerging digital technologies: a human rights analysis.

Discussants assessed the racially discriminatory use of digital technologies in border and immigration enforcement, including at the U.S./Mexico border and in Europe. 

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Moderation by Stacy E. Wood, Director of Research and Programs, UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry

E. Tendayi Achiume, Alicia Miñana Professor of Law at UCLA Law School, UN Special Rapporteur on Racism

Mizue Aizeki, Project Director of the Surveillance, Technology and Immigration Policing Project & Senior Advisor to Immigrant Defense Project

Jaivet Ealom, student at the University of Toronto, advocate and author of Escape from Manus

Petra Molnar, Associate Director, Refugee Law Lab 

Co-sponsored by the UCLA Law Critical Race Studies Program and UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry (C2i2)