The Lessons of Putin’s Arrest Warrant 

A Special Event with Former ICC Judge Dr. Chile Eboe-Osuji and Discussant Prof. Máximo Langer 

On March 17, 2023, the judges of the International Criminal Court issued warrants for the arrest of Vladimir Putin and an associate for war crimes committed in Ukraine. No warrants were issued, nor could have been issued at the ICC, for the more obvious crime of aggression. In this lecture, Judge Eboe-Osuji will reflect on accountability for aggression crime in a post-Ukraine era of international relations, especially in the light of the recent arrest warrants. 
Dr. Chile Eboe-Osuji served as the President of the International Criminal CourtThe Hague from March 2018 to March 2021. He is currently the Distinguished International Jurist at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law and a Special Advisor to the President of the Toronto Metropolitan University.  He is a former international prosecutor and a legal advisor to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. He is teaching a course on the Law of Peace (including the Crime of Aggression) this semester at UCLA Law as a visiting professor.

This event is co-sponsored by UCLA Law’s International and Comparative Law Program and the Burkle Center for International Relations.