We seek to engage honestly with the ways racism shapes and reshapes the law — so that human rights law may be an avenue for overcoming racial inequality and further promoting human dignity. 

Race & Human Rights Reimagined Initiative

Bringing together our expertise in human rights, Critical Race Theory and Third World Approaches to International Law, we strive to uncover how race and empire operate within the international human rights system. 

We’re also exploring the potential of law to dismantle national and trans-national structures of racial and colonial subordination.

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Supporting Indigenous Land Defenders

The violence against Indigenous land defenders is as pervasive as it is shocking. Through our Reimagining Rights in the Americas Project, we are helping a number of Central American communities protect their environment.

How We’re Advocating for Justice with Indigenous Communities

Human Rights in the Courts

The Human Rights Litigation Clinic is the engine driving our domestic human rights litigation. From fighting corporate sanctioning of torture and slavery in the Global South, and tech collaboration with repressive regimes, to the racially entangled issues of homelessness and for-profit-detention, the Clinic’s cases each work to expand domestic understanding and protection of human rights.

Clinic Details

UN Special Rapporteur on Racism

Professor E. Tendayi Achiume is a core Promise faculty member and former faculty director, who stewarded our International Human Rights Clinic for many years.

Additionally, she is the former United Nations Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xeonophobia and related intolerance.

Critical Perspectives on Race and Human Rights

Our 2019 Symposium situated human rights law between global racial justice conversations including Critical Race Theory and Third World Approaches to International Law.

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