As more of daily life moves to digital platforms, human rights protections and investigations must follow suit.

We are helping sound the alarm on dangerous uses of technology and training the next generation of human rights lawyers to use cutting-edge digital techniques to protect human rights — wherever the violations may occur.

Open-Source Digital Investigations

Race and Technology

UN Special Rapporteur and core Promise faculty member, E. Tendayi Achiume, has generated a number of reports to the United Nations identifying the ways technology and racism are interacting to the detriment of human rights, and how racially-biased tech at borders is infringing on the rights of those migrating.

Read our report on Human Rights, Racial Equality and New Information Technologies Explore the range of reports and fact sheets in our Race & Human Rights Reimagined Initiative

Cyberwarfare and International Law

Recognizing the rising severity and threat of cyberattacks, the Permanent Mission of Liechtenstein to the United Nations gathered a council of leading international jurists to examine what accountability for cyber-based attacks might look like. 

We joined the Council of Advisers, to detail how the existing Rome Statute applies to cyberattacks and cyberwarfare.

Read the Report on Prosecuting Cyberwarfare

Global Digital Rights Challenges

We partnered with our friends at UCLA Law’s Institute for Technology, Law and Policy on a speaker series examining the challenges tech is posing to human rights worldwide. The series offers a thought-provoking listen, discussing freedom of speech, facial recognition, content moderation and the impact of internet shutdowns on education, medical care and the economy.

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